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Integrated supply chain

We ensure authenticity and purity by collaborating with our local farming communities to establish environmental, social, and economic sustainability. 


We enhance the capabilities of our local partners by leveraging technology, optimizing manufacturing capabilities and improving food safety programs to deliver safe, consistent premium quality products.

We have transformed over 85% of Griffith Foods’ consumption of plant-based raw materials to sustainable sources and is on track to convert 100% of their herbs, spices, and vegetables, with direct programs covering over 10,000 farmers across 4 continents by 2025.


Community impact

Building relationships that create lasting impact takes time, trust and a shared commitment. Terova is working closely and forging a relationship with local communities where we operate. This includes :

  • Expanding access to clean drinking water. 

  • Fostering educational programs

  • Promoting the health and safety of growers

  • Providing our farmers access to modern technology 


Through our focus on People, Planet, and Performance, we truly believe we can create shared value for our customers, partners, and the environment.


Consistently superior product

Terova always ensures a consistently high-quality product by optimizing our processes and product portfolio to meet our customers evolving needs. 

We diligently authenticate ingredient sources, ensure good agricultural practices to eliminate agrochemical residues and implement high-quality processing practices. 


We strive to provide a world-class experience focused on food safety and superior ingredients with integrity. 

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Global Reach, Local Impact

Terova™ leverages the global reach, century of product development expertise, and culture of innovation as a member of the Griffith Foods family to uniquely create value-added solutions for our customers. 

Our in-house team leverages its expertise in consumer insights, sensory science, food science, and culinary to deliver superior products to our customers, as well as their customers.

Through our global network and an efficient supply chain, we offer either products at origin or bring them closer to home for our customers, holding inventory at local warehouses where it is convenient for our customers.

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