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We offer a range of carefully selected botanicals such as Moringa, Elderberry, Lemon Balm, Shepherd's Purse, Chamomile for a wide variety of uses.

Innovative Functional Ingredients

Together with our partners, we look at new technologies to deliver unique functional ingredients while making a positive impact on global food waste reduction.  Our products include the Nubana range – a neutral-tasting, banana-based, fruit flour that delivers a wide range of digestive, weight management and metabolic benefits – and ReGrained – upcycled brewer’s grain used to produce a variety of tasty and nutritious snacks.

Our range includes


Herbs & Spices

We have built a fully traceable supply chain - from certified crops to processed herbs & spices - that meet global standards. Our core offering includes sustainable and ethically-sourced products such as: 

  • Red chilies – India

  • Turmeric – India

  • Black Pepper – Vietnam

  • White Pepper – Costa Rica

  • Sage – Albania

  • Paprika – China

And an ever-growing range of other herbs and spices – contact us for more details.

Specialty Offerings

We continue to innovate through value-added ingredients focused on health & nutrition. Reach out to learn more about our offerings and their applications: 

  • Turmeric extract 95% 

  • Anti-Caking Ingredient (natural, clean-label) -
    US markets only

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